Monday, 17 January 2011

British Sellers on Etsy Blog is go!

To launch the British Sellers on Etsy blog, here are a few words from founding member and Captain, Chiara Stone and Viv Smith, Leader and the person behind the social media:

First, from Chiara:
“Browsing through the Etsy community at the beginning of December I was thrilled to come across the teams section. I had just started adding items to my shop again and was looking to mingle with other British sellers.  When I searched for a UK team I couldn’t find one (just goes to show I didn’t do it properly as other British teams do exist) when I couldn’t find one I thought, ‘oh well, I’ll just start my own’  So I created the team and then searched locally to find other UK sellers and send them an Invitation to join the group. Over the next couple of days I spent every evening combing Etsy for UK sellers, (It became a bit of an obsession) and slowly the team began to grow... I was thrilled!

I began to realise there were a lot more British Sellers out there than I realised and that I wasn’t going to be able to manage the running of the team along with my Web Design business and making my bags and brooches for my Etsy Shop (not to mention spending time with my husband and son, lets not forget them ;)

Thankfully help came forward in the shape of Viv Smith the person behind Poppy Sparkles (I'll let her do her bit herself) and after appealing for more help, Claire Hampton the maker behind House of Hampton stepped forward to assist with the first team BNR. Isa from Noisette Marketing also came foward to offer help with PR for the team, a real bonus as it's clear that the team has grown beyond anything we could expect and proper PR management is needed. 
Happy Crafting!
CLSCraftCreations (Team Captain)

And now a few words from Viv:
"I don't often have a break, but after the rush of Christmas it was nice to relax a little.  Over New Year I had the luxury of time to explore Etsy a bit more and decided to find out about the teams.  I stumbled upon the British Sellers on Etsy team and joined up.  I was amazed at the high numbers in the team and saw potential for reaching out further.  Unsual for me, I wasn't shy at coming foward and sent a convo to Chiara asking if she would like me to help develop the social media for the group.  Pretty soon I'd set up a twitter account for the team and began to work on this blog, whilst Chiara took on the facebook page and continued with being a presence on the team's Etsy page.

Those that know me and follow me on twitter will know just how much I love tweeting and my twitter addiction certainly helped the team. Within days we had hundreds of followers and the #uketsy hashtag I introduced has caught on with UK based Etsy sellers.  A real sense of community and teamwork has been established on twitter with British Etsy sellers supporting each other by retweeting each other's #uketsy tagged posts.  It's safe to say that the British Sellers on Etsy team is making real waves.

Neither myself nor Chiara could have predicted the way the team would grow or the impact it would have.  It really is a testament to the power of teamwork and a willingness to support each other, competitors and all, rather than striking out alone.  Go team!

Viv Smith
Poppy Sparkles (Team Leader)

We are hoping to make this blog a great asset to the team and a platform from which we can promote British Handmade goods on Etsy through displaying team treasuries and member features, as well as providing support to our team members with useful how-to blog posts.

If you would like to contribute or have an idea for an article you’d like to see please email us  britishetsyteam {at} gmail {dot} com


Charli Woo said...

Such a brilliant idea guys, really pleased to be part of our community :-)
All I need now is to get my bum in gear and get my shop ready to open!!
Charli Woo xx

Zygotegifts said...

hurray!! Brilliant - I don't know if it's possible to add this blog for Zygotegifts as it's not on blogger but on Tumblr which I love at the moment:

Thanks xx

dianne said...

Great stuff! Look forward to exciting things over here! xx

Bella Bobbin said...

This team was much needed (Etsy always seemed so daunting, but now we have our own little patch of Blighty I feel right at home!). It's great being part of such a supportive and friendly team, and the effort gone into the setting-up and running of it cannot go un-noticed, thanks for doing a rather spiffing job old chaps!

Viv Smith said...

It is really great to be part of the team and I think we're showing just how powerful teamwork can really be. Let's keep it up :)

Sue Doran said...

Many thanks for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes - I certainly appreciate it. I also appreciate the help and friendship other British Sellers on Etsy have shown me in convos (also behind the scenes). It's all been a big help to an Etsy newbie like me.

I'm sure the blog will be a huge success!

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

just found the blog, and it's great to see!

really like the way the team is shaping up, go UK sellers on etsy!

I love the idea of having a central place for us to go.

Also, thanks for listing my blog on here too :)

good luck everyone x

witchmountain said...

This blog is a great idea..I only found it by accident (from Papaver Design's blog) even though I'm a member of the British Sellers group... I'll add it to my list now and wonder if you could maybe add a link to ?
Thank you and wishing you all success.x