Tuesday, 8 February 2011

HOW TO.....Create a treasury on Etsy

HOW TO..... Create a treasury on Etsy.com

For those of you who are new to Etsy or have just never got round to it, a treasury is a way to showcase sellers items, they can be extremely artistic and visually appealing and a lot of fun to make.

So if you're not sure how to go about it this blog post is for you!

1. To create a new treasury click on this link http://www.etsy.com/treasury or you can click 'Buy' on the site and then 'Explore Treasury'

2. Click on 'Create List' (shown below)

3. You then have your blank treasury page, enter your title for the treasury which briefly describe the theme, mine was 'Hubby for Valentine's I would Love...'
You can then write a longer description in the 'Description' box, I have explained that this treasury is part of a team challenge and this is my Valentines wish list.
You must make sure that the 'Everyone' box is selected or only you will be able to see your treasury.

4. Tags - these are important for people to be able to find your treasury, so I have included the team tag and Valentine's day tags.

5. Start to add your products! This is the fun part. I usually open another tab of browser window and start searching for products using whatever search terms are relevant.
You copy the link from the browser window (highlight and ctrl + C) and then paste it into the little box where it says Listing Url ( ctrl button + V)

6. Once you have got most or all of the items into your treasury you might want to start to play around with them to make the treasury more asthtically pleasing.
To do this you simply click on the product and keeping the button pressed drag the product down to a different square. If you hover over the product you will notice it says edit or remove.
So you can if you wish remove products and replace them with others.
7. My completed treasury - Ta Da!

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witchmountain said...

And THANK YOU for including my purse in this lovely treasury. I've only made one treasury and accidentally posted it before it was finished! Highly addictive though... as if I need more encouragement to browse endlessly!
I hope he buys you everything!x

thecrimsonmoon said...

This is a great post! There are always people in the Etsy forums asking how to create a treasury, I'll be sure to direct them here ;)

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for this I have been wondering how to do this - will have a go now :-)

N said...

Very clear, thanks so much :)