Thursday, 24 February 2011

HOW TO....Participate in a BNR

I thought as the team BNR was starting tomorrow for the duration of the weekend it made sense to explain what a BNR was. I remember when I first started using ETSY wondering what on earth people were talking about.

So, a BNR is basically a treasury that has been created with the sole purpose of driving sales.
The BNR starts with 16 products from 16 different shops (how the first 16 are chosen depends on who is running the BNR) everyone sets their own rules such as minimum spend amount etc.

Here is a screenshot from our last BNR, the title describes the status of the BNR, in this case it was 'MOVED' as we had moved it to another location but usually it will state 'OPEN' or 'CLOSED' it then says how many sales their have been so far, so you can get an idea of how busy it is. (please click on the images to make them larger)

is just a standard web page you will need to refresh the page Each BNR is run by a curator, they are there to manage the sales that are taking place. As a BNRregularly to read new comments.

People chat and have conversations in the comments underneath a BNR, the more comments the higher up the popularity scale the BNR gets and the more chance you have of other people finding it.

The shops that are pictured in the BNR are the ones you can buy from, you don't just have to buy the item shown but can buy anything from their shop as long as it is over the minimum amount specified.
When you have found something you would like to buy you request that shop from the curator, then wait for them to give you the go ahead. This is to ensure that someone else isn't already in the process of buying from them. See the image below:

Once you receive the go ahead from the curator you can purchase the item. Once you have made your purchase, you need to click on 'Your Account' then 'Your Purchases' then click on the title of the item you have just bought, it will display a page like the one below:

The red arrow points to your transaction ID link, you need to copy this and paste it into the comment box in the BNR so the curator knows you have completed the purchase.

Then your shop will replace the one you have just bought from. Simple! :)
It's a great way to boost your sales and stock up on Birthday presents for the coming months.

Hope you will all join us at this months BNR running from Friday 25th - Sunday 27th Feb.
You can check our Twitter, Facebook and Forum pages for the link on Friday from 7pm.
Have Fun!


Abbi said...

Thanks for the clarification - I too was wondering what BNR was all about!

Creating Trouble said...

Thank you - think I had the general idea but not the details!

Nicolet said...

The last one was great fun, I curated for the first time, will come and chat for sure. Nice to see my Blue freshwater pearl bracelet on the treasury example :)

Sue Doran said...

During the last one, I convo'd BarSoap to ask what was going on (she explained everything!) as I didn't understand what was happening so this will be very helpful to others new to this.

Shirley said...

Really useful and it makes it all a lot clearer! I will definitely be popping in over the weekend.

Trudi said...

Hi an interesting concept, how do you know who the members are please?

apryl.brincklow said...

I was too nervous to join in the last one as I didn't really understand. Thanks for making it clearer. Next time!