Thursday, 17 February 2011

HOW TO.....use Twitter. PART 1

Twitter was a bit of a mystery to me until fairly recently, now all has become clear. So hopefully I can enlighten some of you! Twitter is basically a series of 'status updates' or 'comments' on your everyday life, "What's the point in that?" I hear you cry. Well it can be a very effective marketing tool...let me show you. I am just going to explain the basics to get you going at this point, so one you have signed up and created your account, your window will look something like that below, except the timeline will only become full once you start 'following' people.

What does it mean to follow someone? This basically means you will be able to see their 'Tweets' (status updates) and respond to them if you wish. You generally follow someone who you think you might be interested in, like the British Etsy Team for example

How to search for people or topics of interest.
The best way to get followers (people who follow your tweets) is to start following other people with similar interests and get tweeting. If you use certain keywords like knitting for example put a # before it.

The hashtag is a way to determine a search term. People will often save searches of phrases that they are interested in. For example the British Etsy team use the #uketsy search tag, we ask our followers to use this tag at the end of their post.

You will see from the picture above I have typed #uketsy into the search bar, the results are shown as Tweets (people who have used that term in their tweet) Tweets with links (as it suggests) Tweets near you (if you've specified your location ie UK then it will tell you other UK users who have recently used that search term in their tweets) and People (if you had typed in someones name you would check this tag to find them and follow them)
You will also notice the option to 'save this search' by saving the search you can keep track on all the people using that search term. So we have saved the #uketsy search to enable us to see which of our followers use it, we then retweet those posts. Whats a retweet? Don't worry more on that next time.

If you look at the first picture you will see the 'Searches' tab, all of your saved searches are kept here, you could have as many as you like for example #knitting #crochet etc depending on what you were interested in.
By using the # with keywords it allows other people searching that term to find you and follow you if they wish, this helps to build up your follower base.

It's also a good way of connecting with others, I've seen Twitter book groups, who determine a # search term they all save the search term and that way can keep up with all of the posts to do with the group and current discussion.

NEXT TIME..... Retweets and @Mentions


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