Friday, 11 February 2011

Waiting for their first sale.... GAILGRIGGS

Gail Griggs beautiful shop is still waiting for it's first sale, lets show it some love!

Look at these beautiful images by photographer Gail Griggs! Gail is
originally from Scotland and recently joined Etsy to sell her vintage
inspired prints.

Using a technique called ttv (through the viewfinder), Gail uses a
1940s vintage camera to get the unique effect you can see in her
images. I love ttv photographs and think Gail's prints and cards would
look lovely framed together in a row of three in matching frames.

If you like Gail's work please pop over to her shop to see what else
she has available! You can visit her shop here

All images are copyright of Gail Griggs and may not be replicated.


Viv Smith said...

Love the ttv technique.Off to browse Gail's shop now.....

nuvonova said...

Really beautiful photos!

Rhianne said...

beautiful shop, I really want to try ttv!