Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Featured Seller

This weeks featured seller is Anna Jackson of Black Cactus in London

Please introduce yourself and your business
I'm Anna and my shop is Black Cactus In London where I list hand printed fabrics and the home wares and accessories I make with them. 
I have recently opened a Supplies shop where you can find lots of fabrics and small project packs for your special sewing work - Black Cactus In London Supplies.

When did you establish your business?
Not that long ago, less than a year.

What prompted you to start your own business?
After too many years of working in offices I was (very happily) made redundant, so I thought 'Hmm what do I really want to do now?'.  The choice was clear - finally set up that print studio you've been dreaming about and get busy!

If you make handmade items, when did you first start working in your chosen discipline?
I originally studied Fine Art and majored in Printmaking.  Lots of things interest me and I've tried a lot of different mediums, but have always come back to Printmaking.  I love every time I lift the screen or press to see how the print turns out.

What inspires you?
Largely objects and shapes from nature.  I like how every little thing seems the same but on closer inspection is unique in it's own way.  For example, every leaf is different from the next and I enjoy capturing that.
I also enjoy having fun with my designs and making fabric you might not expect to see like my Peeved Rabbit and Tally Ho! prints.

How did you hear about Etsy?
Etsy has been in my head for so long now I can't remember how or when I first heard about it.  I think it must've been mentioned in an article somewhere.  No great Eureka moment but it's a great facilitator for the handmade market.

How did you feel when you made your first sale on Etsy?

What do you like about being part of Etsy?
Etsy's a very attractive and functional website so although the competition is fierce it's a great vehicle for your product.  And since joining the British Sellers on Etsy Team I've enjoyed the feeling of community too and it has really enhanced my experience.

What advice would you offer other Etsy sellers out there?
I haven't been selling long enough to really give advice beyond saying the usual thing about how important photography in your shop is and to use social networking to help increase your views.

Would you like to offer the British Sellers on Etsy Blog readers a special offer?
Please use the code 'British Sellers on Etsy' for 25% off in both shops. 

Where can we find you?

Etsy shop links:

Blog: Coming soon on my website!


Addy said...

Brilliant article! I've always liked your Tally Ho prints.

Black Cactus In London said...

Thanks for writing about me today, am really enjoying being part of the team. And thanks too Addy.

nuvonova said...

I love the peeved rabbit!

I too could have easily gone down the printmaking route when I did it at college, screenprinting is so fun..I also tried making devore which was just AMAZING!