Friday, 18 March 2011

HOW TO.....use Twitter. PART 2

Retweets and @Mentions

This next post will show you how you can help to spread the word on Twitter and also have a conversation with others.


Retweeting is a bit like forwarding an email, you are basically copying someones status and posting it as your own to share it with your friends, it could be useful information, something funny, or you are helping the person who has made the original tweet by promoting them to your followers.
A retweet looks like this:

The red arrows are pointing to the symbols that indicate it's a retweet, so the arrows going round in a circle shows that this post has been 'retweeted' sometimes people will indicate their post is a retweet by putting RT at the start. Obviously it's beneficial for you if people retweet your tweets as they are reaching a wider audience and this in turn may bring you more followers.

How do you retweet?
It's simple, if you hover over the post as you will see below some options appear:

It tells you when the post was made and gives you the option to favourite the post (this will save the post to your favourites, ideal if you want to come back to something later like a link for example) to retweet and to reply. You just hit the retweet button and twitter will do the rest for you.


Now that I've mentioned the reply button we'll move on to @mentions. If you decide to reply to someone on Twitter, maybe they've asked a question or you just feel like commenting you click the reply button and in your twitter window @(persons username) will come up you can then type your reply after this. The person you are speaking to will know you have sent them a reply when they click on their @mentions tab. Any tweets where someone has used the @ symbol before their username will show up here. So you can use this feature to reply to someone or to help promote someone.

Many of our followers use @britishetsyteam when they want us to see their post, they may be speaking to us directly or informing us of a new product or promotion and want to make sure we see it.

Using the post above as an example, the post is from DreamSponsoring, but they are retweeting TheSoapDragons original post as indicated by the RT. The British Etsy Team was mentioned in Soap Dragons original post so it gets picked up in our mentions again in the retweet.

Hope that has shed some light on the mysteries of Twitter, if there is anything else you would like to know just leave a comment on the blog.

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