Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Featured Seller

This weeks featured seller is Hannah Golding of Sweet Trash

Please introduce yourself and your business
I’m Hannah Golding and I make fabric based jewellery for my online shop Sweet Trash.

     When did you establish your business?
Well, I think I’m still in the establishing stage! I first started Sweet Trash on Etsy a few years ago but saw it more as a hobby and wasn’t sure whether there would be any interest in my kitsch jewellery. Then last year I had some of my pom pom jewellery on sale in Selfridges and did two successful pop up shops. I had such great feedback from customers it really boosted my confidence and I decided to relaunch my Etsy shop and start contacting a few shops about stocking my wares. At the moment I’m working on some very large, very bright pom pom necklaces for Redmutha store in Brighton.

What prompted you to start your own business?
I wasn’t enjoying my job and really missed my Art School days so thought I should put my textiles degree to some use. I wouldn’t call Sweet Trash a business yet but I would love to do more pop up shops around the country and see where that takes me.

If you make handmade items, when did you first start working in your chosen discipline?
      The range of jewellery in my online shop is pretty diverse but I started
       making my kitsch felt brooches about 3 years ago and then last year
       I became interested in upcycling and started making leather brooches
       from old sofas and handbags and pom pom necklaces from t-shirts and
        plastic bags.

What inspires you – either to design/make something or the selections you choose to stock?
I love anything 80s- I would love to live in a Cyndi Lauper video! So my fabric box is full of rollerskate, cassette tape and kitsch polka dot fabric. Aside from the 80s addiction inspiration mainly comes from materials I stumble across, I love to use strong colours and texture in my designs.

How did you hear about Etsy?
From another craft friend who was already selling on there. I was selling jewellery on Ebay and was finding it too expensive so was told to try Etsy.
How did you feel when you made your first sale on Etsy?
Really excited! I threw in loads of random freebies I was so pleased! When you see how many sellers there are on Etsy it’s amazing that people find you!

What do you like about being part of Etsy
I love that the other sellers are so supportive and genuinely interested in seeing what others make. I recently took part in the British Sellers treasury game where you create treasuries consisting of UK sellers and then those featured do their own treasury including one of your items and so on. It was great to see and chat to so many UK sellers and even find some who live locally.

What advice would you offer other Etsy sellers out there?
I think it’s important to have an online presence whether it’s on twitter, a Facebook fan page or both. If nothing else it’s a great way to meet other crafties and find out about upcoming events.

Would you like to offer the British Sellers on Etsy Blog readers a special offer?
Ooh go on then, use  TRASHYTHANKS20 at the checkout and get 20% off your order. Offer ends 30th April.

Where can we find you?


Silvia said...

Some people are just amazingly creative

sweet trash said...

Thanks for the feature!!!